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Wind turbines: the whole truth.

A comprehensive analysis of all their properties.

Author: ir. J.A. Halkema (1919-2009)


Nearly the whole story in this website is an explanation of all the properties of wind turbines and their extremely small and unreliable contribution to the need of electric energy. It is important that the reader realises that every country in the world consumes several times more non- electric energy than only electric energy (electricity) All the non-electric energy comes from the use of all sorts of energy sources like oil, natural gas, coal, burning waste and wood, petrol, kerosene, nuclear energy, diesel oil etc. etc. The use of all these energy sources emits carbon- dioxide (CO2), with the exception of hydro-power and nuclear energy that emits no CO2 at all. The relative small amount of electricity we use is produced by using some of the much greater total amount of non- electric energy. In Holland with its enormous source of natural gas no electricity is used for heating houses and buildings, Also cooking is mostly done with gas. So the consumption of electricity is in Holland relatively modest.

That makes the ratio non- electric energy to electric energy high. This ratio is in Holland 9 In the USA where the domestic use of electricity is great this ratio is about 6.4. From these numbers it is clear that the modest production of "renewable" electric energy by wind turbines should always be compared with the enormous amount of non-electric energy that a country consumes and certainly not with the relatively small amount of electricity. The comparison of the electricity produced by wind turbines with the consumption of electricity only gives a deceptive and far to optimistic information of what can be achieved by wind turbines. Never forget this when so- called nice numbers of the electricity production of wind turbines are publicised. Our consumption of non- electric energy is several times more than our consumption of only electricity.

J.A.Halkema MSEE

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